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Trinity Aesthetic Centre offers free skincare, cosmetic and product consultations.

June Aquil is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician who performs a variety of Aesthetic services aimed at improving the look and feel of your skin. Whether you are concerned about an unusual change in your skin, have concerns about a skin condition, or are interested in having a pampering facial treatment, the Trinity Dermatology & Aesthetic Centre is a trusted choice for all of your dermatology and skin care needs.


Trinity Aesthetic Centre offer a wide variety of Facial Aesthetic Therapies that are catered to your personal needs and offered in a spa-like atmosphere under the medical direction of well-known and respected dermatologist, Dr. Brian Johnson.


A facial cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote clear, well-hydrated skin.  At Trinity Aesthetic Centre, June offers a customized facial treatment to meet each individual’s needs.  From the European Facial, which exfoliates and hydrates the skin with organic ingredients that infuse your skin with vitamins and powerful antioxidants, to a treatment for aging skin that helps to restore resilience, vitality and firmness, and a Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment perfect for all skin types in need of deep cleansing and fine-tuning.  June will prescribe the treatment that fits your needs and wants.  The Deep Pore Cleansing facial is excellent for acne-prone skin.  A series of gentle facial treatments can benefit adults as well as teens and pre-teens.  “I have clients who are as young as 11 years old and going through hormonal changes, who benefit from having a Deep Pore Cleansing facial,” June explains.

June also offers facial treatments designed especially for men with ingrown hairs and clogged pores to help aid with shave repair.

Chemical peels serve a dual purpose.  First, the outermost layers of the skin are removed.  This stimulates new growth and fresh new cells appear faster and are healthier, and just as important, chemical peels stimulate the epidermis and dermis of your skin.  A chemical peel is a chemical solution which is applied to the skin to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin or décolletage by removing its damaged outer layers.  It is helpful for those individuals with facial blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation.  A chemical peel is most commonly performed for cosmetic reasons – to enhance your appearance and your self-confidence.  Chemical peels may also remove pre-cancerous skin growths, soften acne facial scars and even control acne

Microdermabrasion is designed to minimize lines, wrinkles and imperfections on the face and body.  This treatment can be effective for fine lines, age spots, sun spots, rough texture and mild acne scars, and Microdermabrasion is a progressive approach for fighting the signs of aging.  This non-surgical, and actually very relaxing, treatment improves the overall appearance of your skin – on all parts of the body!  This can be a simple procedure on its own or a single step in a multi-faceted and individualized treatment plan.  It offers great benefits with little or no downside, with low complication rates, rapid results, no anesthesia requirement, very little to no discomfort, ultimate safety and no downtime.  


Trinity Dermatology & Aesthetic Centre offers two very distinct skin care lines, trusted by dermatologists all around the world. Obagi Medical is the #1 physician-dispensed, prescription strength skincare line in the world. The Obagi Medical line can transform your skin by evening out skin tone by reducing age spots and pigmentation in the skin, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Trinity Aesthetic Centre also provides the #1 wholly organic line of skin care called Eminence, handmade skincare from Hungary that is clinically studied and made completely of certified organic fruits, vegetables, seeds and leaves.