Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a procedure that allows your skin to renew itself by peeling away the outermost layer. But having your skin chemically peeled can sound a bit extreme if you have not heard about them before. For most people, these are very safe and very effective procedures that offer a wide variety of skin benefits, and they are also typically painless. Learn more about chemical peels and what you can expect by reaching out to your local Trinity and New Port Richey, FL skin care specialist.

Types of Peels

There are different types of chemical peels and each targets slightly deeper into your skin to achieve different types of results. Your aesthetician can best advise you on which best suits your condition and expectations. Just as there are different types of peels everyone experiences them a little differently as well, but even with the most in-depth treatment some only report a very slight burning that dissipates once the procedure is over, but for the majority, it's never much more than a tingling sensation.

How They're Performed

Before the treatment begins your skin is prepared using specific products and dried thoroughly before the solution is applied. After it has taken effect and the appropriate amount of layers are applied, it is then rinsed and neutralized with water or a special solution. A fan is provided to mitigate any temporary stinging or burning sensation.

You'll be given instructions on how to protect your skin after the peel, such as avoiding direct sun exposure and wearing sunscreen if you must venture out into the sun.

Chemical Peel in Trinity and New Port Richey, FL

The benefits of a chemical peel are many, from helping treat acne and deal with acne scars, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, and producing an overall softer more even-toned skin.

Make an appointment today if you are interested in chemical peels with Dr. Johnson in Trinity and New Port Richey, FL, by dialing 727-264-8833 for the Trinity, FL, office and 727-815-9878 for New Port Richey, FL.

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