How Your Skin Benefits from Facials in Newport Richey, FL

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it protects all your others, so it makes sense to take care of it to remain healthy and young-looking sinceit’s always exposed to the elements your facial skin needs a little extra attention. If you want to always look your best, having a regular facial can help. Dr. Brian T. Johnson, MD, of Trinity Dermatology and Aesthetic Centre, in New Port Richey And Trinity, FL offers facials to exfoliate and nourish your skin.

What is a Facial and Why do I Need One?

A facial is a form of spa therapy that cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling softer and looking brighter and healthier. Facials have several benefits for your skin. They can:

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Unclog blocked pores
  • Rehydrate dry skin
  • Relax facial muscles
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Promote skin cell renewal

What’s more, facials can help to reduce the negative impact of sun exposure, smoking and aging due to stress. If you have your facial performed by a licensed dermatologist, they will also advise you about the correct skincare routine for your type of skin and how to correct any ongoing skin issues you may have.

Reaping the Seasonal Benefits

Having regular facials can help your facial skin adapt more easily to seasonal changes. Be kind to your face by having at least four facials each year as the seasons change. Regular facials are important because they can help you maintain soft and glowing skin throughout the year.

What Happened When I Have a Facial?

There are several steps to a facial. These include:

  • Consultation: Before anything else, you will first talk to your dermatologist and she will ask you questions about your dietary habits, your skincare, and any medications you take.
  • Preparation: You will sit in a comfortable chair with a wrap around your body to protect your clothes.
  • Cleansing: Your dermatologist will protect your hair with a headband and then use wipes to cleanse your skin. The cleansing solution used will depend on your type of skin.
  • Exfoliation: This technique is used to remove dead skin cells with a mildly abrasive lotion or a steam exfoliant.
  • Extractions: During this process, your dermatologist uses special instruments to remove any whiteheads or blackheads.
  • Face mask: While the mask is in place your dermatologist may give you a neck or scalp massage.
  • Finishing application: Your dermatologist will apply a serum or moisturizer to hydrate your skin.
  • Home skincare advice: Before you leave, your dermatologist will tell you how to best care for your skin type at home.

Are Facials Right For You?

If you live in or around New Port Richey And Trinity, FL and you would like to find out more about facials and anti-aging skincare, contact. Dr. Brian T. Johnson, MD today on (727) 264-8833. Having a facial is very relaxing and will make you feel like a million dollars. When was the last time you pampered yourself?

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